Today we thought we’d give you a run through of what you get when you order a Wave Sport Hydra and what the features that you may or may not know about are for and what others actually do.

Wave Sport Hydra COREWhiteOut

The Hydra once you start looking has some really cool features, here’s some that we really like:

Adjustable thigh braces

Flip out Carry hip pads (see next picture)

Ratchet adjustable leg lifter to give extra support under your legs into the thigh braces

Adjustable supportive back band

Padded Seat

Adjustable foot pegs

Hatches with rubber covers and Wave Sport logo

Deck Lines with reflective spec

Flat Spots to attach things like camera mounts

Rails to attache camera or rod holders to

Compatible with the Scotty Gear head Adapter

Adapter available separately but shown how it fits below: