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Essential sea kayaking safety equipment, also useful for SUP and canoe touring.

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Sale! Palm 3m React Towline | Northeast Kayaks

Palm 3m React Towline

£46.75 In Stock
Nookie 3m Waist Towline-0

Nookie 3m Waist Towline

£35.96 In Stock
HF Plan Sea Towline from Northeast Kayaks

HF Plan Sea Towline

£80.99 In Stock
Sale! HF Swifty from North East Kayaks & Paddles

HF Swifty

#HF Swifty
£21.24 Out of stock
Palm 3m Zambezi Belt

Palm 3m Zambezi Belt

£54.00 Out of stock
Palm 10m Ocean Pro Towline-0

Palm 10m Ocean Pro Towline

£58.50 Out of stock

Peak Guide Belt

£28.80 Out of stock

HF Throw Tow

#HF Throw Tow
£89.99 Out of stock

Peak UK Towline 5 meter

£42.50 Out of stock
Sale! Peak UK Towline 15 meter

Peak UK Towline 15M

£51.00 Out of stock
Sale! Peak UK iTow | Kayak Towline | Northeast Kayaks

Peak UK iTow

£22.50 Out of stock
Peak UK Gear Belt from Northeast Kayaks

Peak UK Gear Belt

£31.50 Out of stock

Showing all 12 results


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