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Dewerstone Clothing

Dewerstones T-shirts, hats and towels have taken the lifestyle market by a storm, wheather your kayaking, canoeing, climbing or just going down the pub.
Dewerstone have grown from being a team of two, a stones throw from Dewerstone woods, to having a sweet HQ and a brand family that stretches all over the UK and overseas.
They started dewerstone in late 2013 and like many good ideas, this one formed around a table in Shaugh Priors ‘White Thorn’ pub. Their original dewerstone base was in that small village, just inside Dartmoor National Park.
Whilst dewerstone has outgrown the garage it first ran from, Their ideals and approach-ability have never changed. We work hard to do what we do so that we can be a part of the outdoors community.

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Showing all 15 results


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