Loyalty Discount Program & Online Customer Accounts

  • Northeast Kayaks Loyalty Discount Program is open to all customers that create an account online with ourselves, customers will receive a discount off all products online except those in the clearance area and Thule products.
  • Discount will increase in accordance with total amounts of orders and value of completed orders, those orders that have been refunded do not contribute towards order total.
  • Anyone found to be using the Loyalty Discount Program as a price matching comparison with any other retailers will be removed from the programme and will not be allowed to be part of the programme again.
  • The Loyalty Discount Program is for Northeast Kayaks customers benefit and not as a tool to gain unfair advantages over other retailers because they are part of it.
  • Discounts range from 2% up to 10% off the online price depending on total orders over time.
  • When you have created an account you are also able to track your order and view what and when you have purchased items.
  • The program is available online only at present, you are able to see the discount that you will receive once logged into your account and at the final checkout stage.
  • Northeast Kayaks decision is final on those allowed into and removed from the programme

We have 6 levels of Loyalty Discounts within the program, see below: 

New Customer
Create an account for a 2% order discount
1 order + £5.00 spend for a 3% order discount
5 orders + £250.00 spend for a 4% order discount
10 orders + £750.00 spend for a 5% order discount
15 orders + £3,500.00 spend for a 8% order discount
20 orders + £4,500.00 spend for a 10% order discount

Click here to create an account and start saving now!!