As England goes into second lock-down, I remember when the first lock-down hit here in Scotland. I was newly home again from university and the news that almost all sporting activities had to stop was a heart breaker.

I first settled to walking down to the river near my home, adjacent to a dog walking park which was a great boost as I had dogs to walk. However for those less fortunate. I was still able to have some sort of social life passing others who may or may not have had dogs embracing the outdoors too.

This is when I realised I have an opportunity to keep fit. Every day I would walk my boat the the river, less than 1 mile from my house and I would paddle for an hour or two, lie on the back of my boat and stare at the sky. It was my chance to be calm and collective, forgetting about all the Covid worries and right next to my house I could do this every day.

I’ve seen my fair share of sunsets and sunrises this year just by keeping a routine!

Each morning I would get up early, keeping some sort of routine, jump into the garden and use some of the excellent weather this summer just gone to exercise, run, or use the tractor tyre (I got from the nearby tyre company) as a weight I could lift or move about the garden.

I’ve run out of non paddling photos so here is a photo from further down my home river where there is actually whitewater!

Now, as England goes into a second lock-down which is so unfortunate, as that’s what the test and trace app was supposed to prevent. I urge you to do as I did, find something close by that you can do every day, have a routine if you are stuck at home. So many young and old people too may feel lost without the social aspect they’re so used to. Sometimes finding your own way through this time is what you need to do. Get up every day, get outside, fresh air, go for a walk, take a boat to a canal, run, cycle, whatever you are happy to do. A clear head is a clear mind and once again you will get through it and be just as fit and healthy as you were before.

Normal paddling will return, sooner rather than later but until then, we must glory on!