Northeast Kayaks Competition – Design the next kayak monkey T-Shirt

We’re looking at a new design for the next Kayak Monkey T-shirt but thought as a lot of people have extra time on their hands at the moment we would see if anyone can beat our next idea to the printing station; we therefore give you the opportunity to design one for us!

At the end we’ll choose our favourite which will then be made into our next edition of T-shirts. You will win a goody bag which will include the T-shirt you designed plus some other goodies too.

It of course must include the kayak monkey head and the kayak monkey logo (the one that’s currently on the back of our T-shirts at the moment near the collar) but then he can be whatever colour you think and he doesn’t have to be just a head doing nothing either so you can be creative. These will be screen printed by Dewerstone for us. As they’re hand screen printed then the colours of the design needs to be kept to 2 colours max and the design can’t be too over complicated otherwise it won’t work for printing.

To enter post your design on Facebook and tag us in the picture to make sure we see it (if you aren’t on social media you can email us the picture and we’ll share it for you)

Closing date for the competition will be 31/05/20 and there’s a few terms and conditions below. Click here to see the current T-shirts.

We look forward to seeing your designs!

Terms and conditions

  • There will be a delay of about 28 days from when the winning design is chosen to finalising and printing.
  • The winner will be announced shortly after the closing date and notified via the method they entered (either Facebook message or email.)
  • Submitted designs including the winning design will be owned by Kayak Monkey LTD for sale and distribution.
  • We will remove any designs that we feel inappropriate.
  • T-shirt sizes will be adult sizes (they could be womens, mens or both)