What can I say about this photo?? There are smiles yes but maybe what you can’t see is the relief in my eyes and the adrenaline wearing off in Lou’s wee face!

Seeing one of my best mates, who honestly makes this world a better place slip and fall, disappearing from view in the blink of an eye was freaking devastating! However, what occurred in the seconds and minutes following was truly miraculous…every single beautiful kayaker and spectator nearby kicked into action, raising the alarm, carefully rushing to where Lou had fallen, assessing damage, working together to get her out of the rocky crevasse, blankets flying everywhere….it was a beautiful but frightening experience and rather than dwelling too hard on how world shatteringly devastating it could have been, I am focussing on and am grateful for how lucky Lou was to hobble away with scrapes, massive bruises and the worst damage of a broken wrist.

Everyone worked together so quickly and naturally but I do need to express how thankful I am to Phil Wells who was beside me when it happened for his quick reactions in securing a rope down, James Clark who was likewise so quick to aid and also a big shout out to the dude (who we need to find and thank!) for being the first friendly face Lou saw. Jamie Watt (aka Gramps! ????) as usual was there to offer support and kindness in buckets! Thank you to everyone who asked about Lou and checked in on me too! There are actually too many people to mention but please know we’re so grateful to you all!

And how could I forget the 2 fire engines (Lou was mortified!!), police car and ambulance who arrived in that order, responding to our call out for the ambulance! Also thanks Joanne Monaghan for calling and being a total cheery babe! 555 Here’s to a speedy recovery to one of the most amazing humans I have the honour of calling my pal!

Danger x