Pyranha Machno

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"I've been so excited to try the Machno since I heard that it was coming out, so when we got confirmation that we would have a demo one for the Tyne tour I couldn't really hide how excited this made me!

Currently I paddle a Medium Burn III so looking at the Machno I guessed it would be on the big side and, yes it was, however it was still great. I'd say however at my weight of about 60kg that's the absolute minimum you'd want to be to paddle it.

I still really enjoyed paddling it though, it was really nice to paddle and pretty responsive taking into account that it felt big for me. It surfed really nice too and is really fast through flat and the rapids, (I was only on the North Tyne but still!). I'd be really keen to get it out again on something slightly bigger but had to make the most of being able to paddle it where ever I could at the weekend. It rolls nice too, that's when I could actually persuade it to go upside-down!

I'm not sure on whether I preferred the thigh braces to the old ones or not though, can't make my mind up! I don't have any problems with the current ones in my Burn, but the new ones may feel different if the kayak was a little bit tighter fitting to me. So maybe I need to wait and try them again in something else.

Only thing I could pick on was the fact that the drain bung didn't let all the water drain out, but then this isn't a big issue I guess just finish the draining with the Fish sponge!

So for my size I'd probably not go for a Machno Medium, but when the small comes out I'd be super keen to get in it and paddle. May even think of changing my Burn to one if it feels as good as the medium did when it's scaled down a bit!

So excited about this kayak, I'll be straight in there to try the small. Just a waiting game now I guess! Maybe if all of us who'd like a small one make it known; then one might appear sooner?

Thanks for reading, here's my video  from the Tyne tour including some fun times in the duo and my paddle in the Machno in the Sunday! "

Available online in the Medium soon from northeast kayaks


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