Some New Palm Kit for 2017

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There are some changes and developments arriving from Palm this year. Here’s a brief look at some of the sample kit we got to have a look at recently.


Rocket Pants

Semi Dry pants for kids, these are a really good idea, why should the kids always be cold and wet whilst paddling? Made from the XP 2 fabric they’re light weight enough whilst still being waterproof. They have a neoprene ankle gasket, ideal for kids as it will allow more growing room, with regards to height, than a sock would.  They come in half red half blue and match great with the Kids Rocket jacket, available in 3 sizes.


Neoflex Range

The Kaituna (Mens) and Wairoa (Womens) range have now been updated and changed to be called Neoflex (yes this is the same as the fabric beforehand but still they’ve changed!)

Available now will be the Neoflex short Sleeve, Long sleeve and pants (no more ¾ pants) in both mens and womens and an additional 2 items in the womens range, the Bra top and the Shorts.


Horizon Shorts

Colour change for mens, Jet grey to remain the same but changing the Aqua to Blue. The more exciting bit (to me anyway) is the addition of the Womens option in the shorts, these will be in aqua and available in 4 sizes.


Bolt Throwline

Palm have discontinued a few of their throwlines but have brought out a super bright coloured 20m Bolt throwline. It’s similar in spec to the 20m Alpine, one difference however is the easy to use fidlock magnetic neck closure. This is also compatible with the rescue belt which has also been updated this year.


Roof Rack Pads

New and updated for 2017. New design is the 1st noticeable thing about these but there are a couple of other changes too besides the colour and design. They’re no longer a piece of foam in an open sleeve that you just Velcro shut, they’re now a closed foam core with that is easier to fit to range of roofbars. This closes with Velcro wrap around straps at each end (plus an extra one in the centre of the 80cm ones). They will be available in 50 and 80cm length.

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