Fly with the Phoenix at Northeast Kayaks

Posted in News   |  By Ronnie Edwards

My initial expectation was that the Wave Sport Phoenix would feel huge and be totally unsuitable for me however I had a pleasant shock as it doesn't feel ridiculous. I'm keen to give It another go as a few runs around the barrage in it doesn't really give it enough of a test really but I'm definitley interested to find out what it will handle like with someone my weight and size in in some pushier water.

Ronnie in the Wave Sport Phoenix at the Tees Barrage

Initial reaction to the phoenix for me is that it's fast, boofs nicely and is super comfortable. I'm looking forward to giving it amother test soon.

Wayne seems pretty comfortable and happy in his too and hopefully he'll have his full views on the Phoenix up soon. 

Wayne in Wave Sport Phoenix Glaslyn

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