Astral Brewer and Brewess 2.0 - Take a look

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My 1st reaction when I opened the Brewess when they came in the other day was WOW! I love them and I want them as normal shoes! I’ve been wearing my Red old style Brewess for about 2 and a half years and absolutely love them too though so I now want both.

Astral Brewess 2.0 at Northeast Kayaks

Quick run through both the Brewess and the Brewer 2 and here’s some of the main features:

          1.Lazer siped sole to make them super gripy,

          2.Drain holes at front and back to let water out (none in the sole though so they’re perfectly wearable as normal trainers,)

          3.Thick enough sole not to feel all the stones through them but flexible enough to fit in a kayak,

          4.Super sweet nice looking design and colours,

          5.Nice little embroidered logo on the tongue front,

          6.Built in foam and sock liner (different from the no liner under your feet in the original Brewer/Brewess)

          7.Super lightweight and floaty feeling to wear, even on land!

          8.Open up wide enough for placing drysuit socks in easily,

          9.Handy pull on tab at back of heel.


Astral Brewer 2.0 at Northeast Kayaks

I’d recommend if you can get into the shop to try them on as I do think they come up smaller than the original Brewer (I have a 38 in the Brewess and in the Brewess 2 I’d probably need to go up at least half a size) If you can’t get up to see them and try them though just bear in mind when ordering you may need to size up a little!

Here’s the links in-case you just want to buy some, don’t forget to join our loyalty program when you order too…..



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