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After a few days of paddling with several clubs, its been awesome to see so many faces on paddles around the region. 

On the Don last saturday were Canadian Canoes, OC1 Boats, Pyranha Kayaks, Jackson Boats, Playboats and all sorts.

A perfect day out to get refreshed and a with a range of skills present at the trip, it was good to see everyone attempt the grade 3 Sections

We had some good show frrom A few paddlers in Rippers, throwing boats around and from the canoeists who were having fun surfing some waves.

Our less experienced paddlers were using some of the eddys to practice, breaking in and out.

Aberdeen kayak club and Aboyne canoe club both managed to get on the Dee over Hogmanay for a cold but refreshing paddle with other trips a day or 2 later having frozen chunks of ice floating down past us in the eddys. 

Aberdeen even managed to get some Slalom Paddlers out of their training courses for a fresh blast and while its slightly surprising they were out with the rest of us. We still couldnt make them smile (or laugh). Should of just pushed one in.

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 Ripper Tailie Video here, just one of the fun Ripper moves:

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